Do I Need An Editor?

Not sure if you really need an editor? Our academic clients experience on average one letter grade higher on a project we work on. Corporate clients see a consistent and appropriate voice for their audience. Sites managed by E3 Writing & Digital have experienced as high as 360% growth in page views over the first year.

Still not convinced? The following 355 word document can be put through Word’s spellcheck and show no errors. How many can you find?

Four many, spell check is been the top pro-gram for checking ones work. It is grated, but it misses many errors. If you want your writing to shoe your abilities and intelligence, proofreading is a must. Unfortunately, you can rely on a computer to fix not everything. Here are just phew mistreats your spell checker May not catch.

Usage errors
Using the rung word looks vary careless. It takes a humane eye to catch thesis problems!

Logical errors
These could be errors as complex as one sentence, or as simple as a flaw in the overall argument. (Did you catch it?)

Missing words
Spell check rarely catches a word. This is especially true if the sentence remains grammatically viable without, even though can drastically alter your meaning.

Automatic substitutions
Word processing programs automatically substitute everything from capital letters to entire words. Dates are also often filled in – watch out for resumes sent out with your graduation date as the day you updated the file. Writing a paper about the CAN (Canadian Nurses Association) or AND (Adobe Digital Negative) images? Notice how the acronyms were corrected.

Verb tense problems
Perhaps the sentence simply is the wrong verb tense. Or, it was logically inconsistent for the writer to use a tense, corrects it, and then reconsidered it.

Tone and Audience
Conversing in a loquacious mien will remain germane exclusively supposing that the circumstances warrant the punctilious tone. If your writing is 2 cool n casual, u won’t b taken seriously, or w/e.

While repeating words may not seem like a big deal, repeating words are a big deal to your reader. Eventually the repetition of the repeatedly repeating words distracts the reader from your point and instead of repeatedly realizing how right and intelligent you are the reader repeatedly reads the repetitive word until they can do nothing but count the number of repetitions. How repeatedly distracting!

Through you may not like the idea of looking for an editor to higher, it is a worthwhile investment. Don’t let your intelligence hand professionalism be lost in a sea off mistakes.

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