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I’m over at ImageX writing these days – come over and check it out! Choosing a New CMS? Ask Yourself These Questions First Drupal Made Easy: 6 Tips For Getting Started 5 Signs Your Site Is Ready for Drupal 5 Student Personas For Your Higher Education Website Making The Pitch For A New Website So […]

Does Your User Testing Include Technology Profiles?

As I went through my first app build, one of the fundament questions I asked (and you should too) was “is an app the right thing for our users?” There are generally two sides to this debate: everyone needs an app vs. UGH, stop building useless apps. During the discovery process and in the months since […]

Guest Lecture Alert – George Brown College

I’ll be guest-lecturing at George Brown College this week as part of their Entrepreneurship course in their Continuing Education program. I’ll be covering how to create a digital voice including: What the heck is a digital voice and why do you need one? How do you create a digital voice? How do you maintain a […]

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Simple and Searchable: Improve Your Page Titles

I was going about my regular morning on the internet, as you do, and I found this example of a constant problem I see – the difference between how a content creator (company or organization) will name something, vs. how a user will search for it. What comes to your mind when you see: Availability Guide If you’re […]

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Microcopy: My New Obsession

For the past eight months I’ve been involved in developing an app for my day job, and it has created a new obsession with microcopy. Microcopy is all of the little text most people don’t give a second thought – it’s the error messages, form copy, headers, completion messages and more. So why is it […]